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Production Shots

Here are some great shots from our two-day shoot. From the most breathtaking drone shots to all the many 'action shots' that show our wonderful team at work, you'll enjoy being a part of this behind-the-scenes look at 'the making of Crankey'... it takes a village!

Crankey Village 'Pitch Video', November '19

Crankey Village is a wonderful place...there's always something exciting going on! Sylvia had a fun day last week, with some of her friends! For the first time, creator/writer and executive producer, Alaina Warren Zachary went in front of the Crankey Village camera. 


We spent a great day at Glory Bound Ministries (thank you Bobbie Shelton) filming a brand new video to pitch our series. This is our core fund raising video and we were so thrilled to be helmed by amazing, award winning Cat Jones of Enedina Films and fabulous Barb Odell of All Girls Media.


We had two guest stars on the video:

Dan Region who’s been a part of CV from the very first table read. Official set photographer who shot our iconic poster image featuring Sylvia. Dan’s voice is the commercial on the teaser. Wait til you see him in the pitch video. Pitch perfect!


Cynthia Mulvaney, so brilliantly multi-talented. Our art director and creator of the gorgeous CV sign that also appears in the video. She’s our webmaster and was scripty on our teaser shoot. But for our video, she’s a gorgeous and funny Vanna White type. 


Ericka Zepeda, who’s been our Estrellita from the beginning and on the teaser signed on as our set PA. We were so happy to have her working the shoot for so many reasons.


Sylvia was a star, of course and has a featured role in the video.  You just never know when and where Sylvia will show up.


Valerie Baeza, our publicist, documented the day. She joined the team after writing a terrific article about us for NM Film News. We’re thrilled to have this gifted writer with us.

Here are a few highlights:

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