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We may look normal, but this is_CRANKEY

                           (Cast of the Crankey, NM Teaser)

Get to Know the Villagers!

Alaina Warren Zachary

Sylvia had a FINE first day on set of Cr

Mom to 'Sylvia' and writer of 'all that is Crankey', Alaina has had an impressive career in many facets of 'the industry'! She earned a BFA from Boston University and went on to appear in three major Broadway original cast musicals: Grease, Nine and Baby. She is on the Nine and Baby Albums. Alaina was a member of the famed Cambridge-based improv troupe The Proposition. Alaina performed in hundreds of TV and radio spots and has over 100 acting credits. In her post=Broadway career, she won grant and recorded a CD of the never-recorded songs of French composter, Cecile Chaminade in 2001. She studied at the Mannes College of Music and sang with the Saratoga Opera and was a founding member of the Hudson Opera Theatre. She relocated to Santa Fe in 2008 and now resides in Albuquerque. She is active as an actress, writer and producer. Her award-winning screenplay, 'These Broken Wings' took top honors in NM screenwriting competition and now, Crankey Village, her episodic homage to New Mexico, ll be a culmination of all her incredible talent and experience!


And, of course, Crankey Village's favorite resident...

Crankey Shoot_Day_1_3-8-2019_30.jpg


Sylvia might not be able to speak but she sees all and knows all at Crankey Village ...maybe it's for the best that she can't speak because, oh, the tales she could tell!

Sylvia watches as adventures unfold...what will happen next? Tune in with her and join the community of...

                    CRANKEY VILLAGE!

More thanks than can ever be expressed in words to everyone listed below, as crew and friends.. all you did, the incredibly amazing talent you possess, everything you did to create such a special, funny film and truly bring Crankey Village to life..thank you!

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