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The Crankey Village Chronicles

Join us here on this page as we post all that is "Crankey Village news and updates"! When there's something exciting and of interest happening in The Village, you'll be the first to hear about it here, so log on and join in to see how the Crankey Village community is growing and thriving in the months to come!

Crankey Makes Its Official Debut!

On both Monday, Sept. 9 and Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Crankey Village teaser was shown at SOL Acting Academy in Albuquerque and the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe! Everyone laughed at all the right spots and it was exhilarating to share and expand 'our village'! 

Here are some shots from both nights and a link to Alaina, who so beautifully spoke about CV and it's impact locally as well.

Crankey Village Chronicles: Post 2  - September 12, 2019

By Valerie Baeza 


Hey-O, Crankey Villagers, 

The teaser premiere of Crankey Village, New Mexico was a success. What a turn out! 

Thank you to everyone for joining us in what was an informative talk-back amongst friends and film experts in a wonderful space Sol Acting Academy. We truly appreciate you all. 

We raised some funds by selling t-shirts, magnets and buttons, and even held a contest to see how many times Sylvia appeared on screen. Brian Morrison, the seller of the Mercedes used in the teaser, won with the correct answer of 16. This man truly deserved to win this prize. We have a long way to go, so please continue to donate to Crankey Village at our GoFundMe. By donating you can choose from lots of great swag: magnets, buttons, tees, posters, dinner at Crankey Village, a photo session with Sylvia and a GUEST STARRING ROLE WRITTEN EXPRESSLY FOR YOU. 

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Crankey Village Chronicles: Post 1 (September 1, 2019)

By Valerie Baeza


Hey-O, Crankey Villagers,

Crankey Village, New Mexico is moving to the next level.

From the teaser premiere to the pilot, we have our sights set on long term goals for Crankey Village, New Mexico. Meet the steering committee!

Alaina Warren Zachary – Writer and Creator.

Chris Ranney – Director.

Bob Coleman – Production Assistant.

Cynthia Mulvaney – Branding and Website Manager.

Daniel Region – Photographer and Website Manager.

Valerie Baeza – Chronicler.

We’re working on product placement for the pilot, distribution, and funding. Alaina’s learned a lot from the indie filmmaker giant Alejandro Montoya-Marin and his class called Successfully Crowdfund Your Film that will sure to expand upon the show’s prospects.

Follow us on social media and read the latest Crankey Village news right here in the Crankey Village Chronicles.


Who is the Crankiest Member of Crankey Village?!

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