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Crankey Village, New Mexico

The TV comedy about life in a wacky retirement community

We Need You to Help Us Open the Door to Crankey Village!

Crankey Village, New Mexico is a TV series about a wacky family-owned retirement community somewhere in New Mexico. New Mexico? What does anyone know about New Mexico?


When Fred Crankey died, his wife, meanie Luella, inherited the Village. She also got his little red scout Mercedes with the old pine tree air freshener. Dead Fred inhabits the air freshener.


Luella is desperate to dump the hemorrhoid hacienda. But the quirky staff and residents and even wheel chair bound mouthy MIL G’ma will do anything to kill the deal. One effort included adding massive amounts of stool softener to the prospective buyer's pudding.


Sylvia, the resident horned lizard, sees it all. And has her own opinions.


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Who is the Crankiest Member of the Village?

Click on the video below to hear directly from the show's creator, Alaina Warren Zachary. She talks about the history of Crankey Village and what makes it a fabulously-funny comedy. And its role as a job incubator for the New Mexico creative & filmmaking community.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 7.09.20 PM.png

Luella may call it the "Hemorrhoid Hacienda" but to Gma and everyone who lives there, Crankey Village is Home. 

Crankey Feet_8_GMA_5.jpg
crankey feet_10_air freshener_3_LI (2).j
Sylvia is raring to shoot the CRANKEY VI
Luella Crankey wears these ridiculous pu

Luella likes her feet.

Mrs. Salazar greets her visitors in her five-toe shoes...for traction.

Crankey Feet_1 Black Toes_4.jpg

Oh, it's so hard to be humble...

We're trying, we really are, but everyone seems to think we've got something pretty special going on here in Crankey Village!

We are humbled and thankful for all the accolades and support, take a look:

Just 4 Shorts Laurel.png
Crankey Village NM - Finalist - Chicago
Crankey Village NM  - California Womens
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